Jose is a very important member of team. He is one of RJO's plumbers. He has 3 children, Jose Luis, 26, Fernando, 25 and Vanessa, 15. He has been in this industry for 26 years!

"My goal is to always be on time and give the best service that i can. If i say I will be there in 5 minutes, you best believe i will be there in 5 minutes. Punctuality is very important. It not only shows you're responsible and your determination, but it also shows your respect for people and their time." -Jose Garcia

​​​Roger is RJO's President. Janet (Wife) and himself are the owners and founders of RJO Plumbing Services. Roger graduated from Valencia High School in, Placentia, California, in 1993. He attended Cal State Fullerton for 2 and a half years. Roger has been in the Business industry for 20 years.

"We strive to be the best. How we get there: We use the best quality materials with excellent workmanship, friendly technicians that are honest and are held with the highest integrity." -Roger Y. Okamoto

Janet Okamoto

Jose Garcia

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With more than 29 years of combined construction experience, we believe that our dedication to quality and craftsmanship is unsurpassed.  RJO Plumbing Services strives to build a long lasting relationship with our clients to be their trusted resource.  Our goal is to become your "go to" plumber that you can call on a first name basis. 

Jose Luis or know as Luis, is one of RJO's plumbers. He Is the oldest of 3 children. He Graduated from Ganesha High School in Pomona, California in 2009. 

"If you need a plumbing service done correctly, never hesitate to call RJO. Myself and the rest of the crew are hardworking individuals with a goal to get the job done and keep our customers happy." -Jose Luis Garcia 

"It is our goal to give you and your family the best possible service. We accomplish that by not only having the right tools and best quality materials, but by also having a team that is dedicated and communicates well with our customers." -Jacqueline Leyva

CA Contractors License No. 994609 - C36

Jacqueline, better known as, "Jackie" is RJO's Administrative Assistant. Jacqueline graduated from Segerstrom Fundamental High School in, Santa Ana, California in 2015.

Ociel, better known as, "Chin" or "Chino" is one of RJO's Service Technicians. Ociel graduated from, Valley High School, in Santa Ana, California in 2001.Ociel is a US Army Veteran, active from 2001-2004  OEF Afghanistan Army Unit (B. Co. 2/27 INF., 25th Infantry Division). With wife, Jessica, he has daughter, Samantha (22).Ociel has been in the construction industry for 10 years.

"It is important to stay motivated and strive to give my best. Every job, every customer is very important to me. No matter how big or small, I always aim to give my 100%." -Ociel Leyva

Ernest Medina

Meet our team!!!

Jose Luis Garcia

Roger Okamoto

Ociel Leyva

Jacqueline Leyva

Janet, better known as, "The Big Boss", is RJO's Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Janet is the second eldest of 6 children. Janet graduated from Valley High School in Santa Ana, California, in 1999. She has 6 children, Bryan, Audrianna, Wyland, Marcus, Kiyomi, and Sophia alongside husband and work partner, Roger.  She has been in the Business industry for 17 years. 

Ernest, or Ernie, is a Service Technician at RJO. Ernest graduated from Rowland High School in Rowland Heights, California, in 1994. He has 6 children, Laryssa, 20, Christian, 15, Makayla, 10, Noah, 6, Roman, 2, and a 3 month old, Ezekiel. Ernest has been in this industry for 16 years.

"I am a hard worker and determined to get the job done correctly and to code"

-Ernest Medina